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Echogenic and indeterminate lesion on ultrasound | Dr Judy Ross (Presentation)

The Surgeon’s Role – The Axilla | Prof. Owen Ung (Presentation)

Enhancing functional recovery from breast surgery | Dr. Eric Hodgson (Presentation)

How responsive are you? | Dr. Craig Jamieson (Presentation)

Innovative techniques to minimize scarring in breast surgery | Dr. Yvonne Brakovsky (Presentation)

In which patients can radiotherapy be omitted after breast-conserving surgery? | Dr. Shane Cullis (Presentation)

The Surgeon’s Role : Going Forward | Prof. Owen Ung (Presentation)

Gross corruption, the abuse of power, and a culture of impunity continues to hinder access to life-saving cancer treatment in KZN  |  Ms. Poonitha Naidoo (Presentation)

Intergrating germline and tumour genetics towards individualised oncotherapy in South African breast cancer patients | Prof. Maritha Kotze (Presentation)