The BIGOSA team is working hard to develop a relevant, varied and interesting programme. Along with the educational conference, there will be networking opportunities and a Gala Dinner on the evening before the conference starts.

Programme at a glance

Saturday, 12 October 2019  
07h00-07h50Breakfast Seminar by Novartis JSE 1 & 2
07h50-08h10Registration, Refreshments, Exhibition and Posters12th Floor Foyer
Dr Simon Nayler, LOC Chair and BIGOSA President
JSE 1 & 2
Chairs: Prof Paul Ruff and Dr Shane Cullis
JSE 1 & 2
08h15-09h00Adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Dr Javier Cortes
09h00-09h20Breast MRI, a South African experience
Dr Peter Schoub
09h20-09h40IORT: Pros
Dr Dino Chetty
09h40-10h00IORT: Cons
Dr Rika Pienaar
10h00-10h20Inherited Breast Cancer Syndromes
Dr Shelley Macaulay
10h20-10h50Refreshments, Exhibition and Posters12th Floor Foyer
10h50-12h45SESSION 2
Chairs: Frank Graewe and Dr Ines Buccimazza
JSE 1 & 2
10h50-11h10Management of the axilla in early breast cancer
Dr Francois Malherbe
11h10-11h30Reconstruction in the setting of IORT, lessons learnt
Dr Alexandra Grubnik
11h30-11h50Dealing with cancer diagnosis
Ms Karen Appelbaum
11h50-12h05Reach for Recovery: The Ditto Project
Ms Stephne Jacobs
12h05-12h45Free Papers
Chairs: Dr Charles Serrurier and Dr Mariza Turner
12h05-12h13Free Paper 1: The value of research workers as navigators in breast cancer management
Dr Shas Čačala
12h13-12h21Free Paper 2: Survival of South African women with breast cancer receiving anti-retroviral therapy for HIV
Dr Boitumelo Phakathi
12h21-12h29Free Paper 3: The role of referral patterns and geographical distance on stage at presentation in South Africa - a review of South African breast units
Ms Arina Pothas
12h29-12h37Free Paper 4: Treatment outcomes in triple negative breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The importance of Ki-67
Prof Bernardo Rapoport
12h37-12h45Free Paper 5: Completeness of histopathological reporting in breast cancer: results from four South African breast centres
Dr Armand Toma
12h45-13h30Lunch, Exhibition and Posters
Vivace Restaurant
12th Floor Foyer
13h30-14h00Dessert Symposium by Biocair and MedinovaJSE 1 & 2
14h00-15h40SESSION 3
Chairs: Prof Georgia Demetriou and Prof Jackie Smilg
JSE 1 & 2
14h00-14h40Adjuvant and neoadjuvant hormone therapy
Dr Javier Cortes
14h40-15h00Managing menopause after breast cancer
Dr Trudy Smith
15h00-15h20Refreshments, Exhibition and Posters12th Floor Foyer
15h00-15h20SESSION 4
Chair: Dr Sarah Nietz
JSE 1 & 2
15h20-15h40Burnout in Healthcare workers
Dr Susan Tager
15h40-16h00Prize giving and AGM

(*subject to change)